Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Tip 7 - And the new washing machine

Tip 7 - Always consider carefully the amount of chocolate one wishes to purchase small children at Easter time.

Well, the new machine has arrived! So I have spent many happy hours loading and unloading the thing since the nice man from online electrical retailer (which will remain nameless) delivered the thing at 8.15am yesterday morning.

Expecting, as I was, to wait in all day for said machine and it not to arrive until 5 minuites before last delivery time ie 5.55pm, when the nice man from online retailer phoned at 7.45am to say he would be here within the half hour I was surprised to say the least. Totally unprepared would certainly be an expression, still wearing pajama's and reading lovely historical novel whilst sipping tea in bed. Of course, leapt out of bed post haste, threw on clothes and readied myself for impending delivery.

Oh, the joy of getting through the washing pile. I know they say that little things please little minds, but this is bordering on the ridiculous! Too see the bottom of my washing basket by tomorrow evening would be just heaven! The only problem is that the machine has so many buttons it looks like something that has been delivered by NASA and I really have not got time to read the huge instruction booklet that comes with. Oh well, keep pressing buttons until it makes a washing type noise, that would do it for me.

The new machine has, of course, inspired hobbits to parade around the house singing, at the top of their voices 'Washing machines live longer with Calgon!' which does make me somewhat concerned that they are watching too much tv these days.

Anyway, Easter approaches complete with regulation over consumption of chocolate and compulsary nausea towards the end of the day. The case in point would be my lovely friend who has, without exception, given up chocolate, bread, cake and anything that is considered any fun in the world for lent. (Hobbits belive she is truly mad!!!) I am convinced that by about 10am on Sunday morning she will have received from the Easter Bunny EC chocolate mountain and will be happily trawling her way through it, can't wait to join her! I might even invite her round to enjoy a chocolate fountain hour or two with large spoons! Chocolate induced vomiting, here I come.

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