Monday, 6 April 2009

Tip 6 - And the necessity to buy plasters

Tip 6 - Make sure you buy lots of plasters at the beginning of school holidays

For once I took my own advise and popped into nearest superdrug and stocked up. Knowing as I do that school holidays usually involve lots of glue, paint, cardboard and scissors I thought, this time, that I would take the sensible option and prepare for minor disaster.

Disaster this holidays is taking the form of a Lancaster Bomber airfix kit which granny 'kindly' bought hobbits last Christmas. How difficult could it be I thought? Silly me! I am now sat surrounded by millions (and I really am not exaggerating) pieces of grey plastic ranging from the small to the microscopic all requiring industrial strength glue and extremely steady hands. Plasters become a necessity when detaching said microscopic grey pieces of plastic from the bizarrely shaped frames in which they arrive. Not only are all the pieces not in numerical order (designed by a man no doubt!) but they need precision cutting with extremely sharp scissors.

Ah ha! Both medium hobbit and myself are now sporting plaster-covered fingertips as if starting a new craze. I imagine by the end of the holidays, the craze might have caught on as hobbits friends catch the 'I need to make something creative' bug which is the bain of any mummies life at this time of year. 'Yes of course you can paint an egg/attach bizarrely coloured feathers to everything/make chick shaped chocolates/cut out anything remotely Easter related from magazines and make strange and surreal collage' (delete as appropriate).

That said, we had a lovely weekend visiting hobbit relations. Did a bit of shopping (medium hobbit just developing his own taste in clothes but does need some guidance to avoid hideous hoodies which seem to be all the rage), various hobbits went to watch rugby match, went to a 40th birthday party and danced like a loony with 15 year old niece wishing I was still her age, and spent a sunny Sunday reading newspapers in the garden before returning home to ever increasing washing pile.

New washing machine due to arrive tomorrow so, sadly, am looking forward to loading and unloading washing for the entire day, assuming of course that it does arrive at allotted time! Will wait to see before declaring state of washing induced euphoria.


  1. I'm so impressed that you remembered to buy plasters!

    I'm EVEN MORE impressed that you danced like a 15 year old!

    Well, done on both counts and, of course, on blogging so well!

  2. Have you noticed how washing machines ONLY ever break down when full of water and something you need almost immediately is trapped inside ? Likewise tumbledryers will only die during the monsoon. Yes, we do get those in Yorkshire !