Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tip 3 - And the need to understand VAT

Tip 3 - If you know you've got an exam coming up, revise for it, LOTS!!

I realise that sounds really obvious but you'd be surprised at how many people in my accountancy class didn't. I for one, certainly didn't revise enough, particularly on the subject of VAT.

But then, who in their right mind would want to spend hours of their precious and very valuable time reading chapter after chapter on VAT thresholds, imports and exports, schemes.....need I go on?

So when the exam came, answers to questions such as 'Input VAT on a VAT control account appears on the debit side of the T account, true or false' have an amazing way of escaping me. Really and truly, who honestly cares? You have a 50/50 chance of getting the answer right anyway so I plumped for one. Luckily I think it was the right one. Not sure about my twittering friend @belle_lulu, better check on her blog later to see how befuddled and bemused she was about the whole thing (http://www.luluslalalife.blogspot.com/ - hope I got that right)

So after a long day slaving over an extremely dull and tedious accounts paper I have returned home to be greeted by overexcited puppy (you'd think I'd been gone for years), small hobbit whose only communication was 'Can I go on the computer?' not even any attempt at 'How was your day, mummy?' or 'Can I make you a cup of tea, mummy?'. (I know that latter one was a bit on the hopeful side) and only half an hour before I have to fetch slightly larger hobbit from his homework club (you can only imagine how thrilled he is to go to that one!).

Anyway, big question is, do I have time for a quick G&T before returning to school again for Parents Evening or indeed whether it is appropriate to turn up at said Parents Evening in Gin soaked condition. Perhaps not. Will have to wait for afterwards and then I can comiserate the completion of crappy exam and celebrate the wonderful school report small hobbit is going to get from his truly amazing teacher (I do love her - she is a star).

Perhaps if hubby hobbit has had a day like mine he will want to join me, so I think I had better wait until he gets home before hitting the bottle. Cheers y'all!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Tip 2 - And the hunt for post it notes


I think this tip is pretty self explanatory and for obvious reasons today's blog is going to be a short one.

Had friends over last night for impromptu bonfire, marshmallow toasting and red wine feast. Perhaps in hindsight, not such a wise move when yours truly is meant to be working today. Accounts are not so much fun with a hangover.

So, here I am sitting in my tiny home office staring at the computer screen, trying to make it stop blurring and hunting for post it notes which seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. It could be that small male hobbits have 'borrowed' them or indeed the dog may have eaten them, he eats most other things. But total absence of post its is not exactly making my day easy. That'll teach me for relying so heavily on the silly little yellow things to organise my work.

The key to efficient worklife, apart from the missing post it's, is lists. I am a big list maker, to the point that I have a list of all my lists. Sounds excessive I know but it works for me.

Top of current list - Don't buy any more red wine!!!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Tip 1 - And the ironing pile from hell


Particularly if you are as clumsy and accident prone as I am, otherwise you will end up with bruises similar to those received in a title fight with Mike Tyson.

Sorry, perhaps I had better introduce myself, I am a mummy, not quite as yummy as I would like, I could say 6ft blonde and, although that is true, it would be a little misleading and might give you the wrong image of me. I am a blonde bombshell trapped in the body of a 30-something (Oh god, nearer to 40-something) . Having said that, I don't think I've ever been described as a bombshell, more like a doodlebug, you know, the ones you have to be careful of when they go quiet.

I live in a household of men. One husband, two sons, one male dog and two male cats. Not sure exactly how that happened but here I am in domestic servitude to a male menagerie of assorted creed and colour.

I am indeed horribly accident prone. Probably because, as a working mummy, I am always on the run. Hence always bumping into things. I hold down about 6 jobs at once, the penalty of being self employed, as well as running the house, walking the dog, taking the kids to school, being treasurer of the local scouts, being an amateur thesp, teaching voluntarily at school, studying at Uni and trying to retain my sanity in my spare (HA HA) time.

The one thing I am good at is that I am extremely organised. 'Of course' I hear you say 'Otherwise how else would she be able to do all those things'. The trouble is that I end up taking on too much and rush around injuring myself en route.

Domestic Goddessism is a talent which has taken many years to cultivate and has resulted in a whole pile of tips and hints for daily life, almost as big as my ironing pile which currently stands at about Snowdon proportions but aiming towards Kilimanjaro in the near future. Did I mention that I hate ironing! The fact that my washing machine is currently broken is in no way my fault and nothing to do with my reluctance to create yet more ironing for myself.

Dog crying out for a walk so must dash (ouch, hits knees on desk on way out). Remember, be careful over doggy stairgates otherwise your legs will end up a mottled shade of green and purple just like mine!