Thursday, 2 April 2009

Tip 5 - And the carpet that is my kitchen floor

Tip 5 - On a sunny day like today, find something to do outside

I, unfortunately, have been stuck indoors all day, which is pretty daft when you think about it since the wonders of modern technology allow us with wireless laptops to comfortably work outside.

Having said that, had a lovely and productive meeting this morning with Belle Lulu about our new business. I'm sure you'll hear plenty more about that in due course, as and when we have finished the website, done the business and marketing plans, set up the bank account blah blah blah, there is so much to do when you start a business but hopefully it will be worth it when we are multi millionaires (I wish)

Returning home with pedal power laptop totally lacking in battery (I know, I should pedal harder) I return to domestic tasks which have so far this week eluded me.

First of all is tackling the kitchen floor which at this time of year looks more like a carpet than the lovely shiny wood laminate I started with. The cause of this furriness would be our Lab/Collie puppy. Funnily enough breeder didn't mention the huge volume of moulting hair that would detach itself from his person as soon as spring appears. So, regular sweeping of floor necessitates. By the way, the hobbits have decided on blogger name for puppy, Bobbitt, which I think is entirely suitable since he is shortly going to be carted off to vets for 'Ting-a-ling' removal, as small hobbit puts it, although I'm not sure that was their motivation when naming him, at least I hope not!

Following this I get a sudden spurt of mummyism and feel the need to cook comfort food for the hobbits. However, domestic goddessism hasn't extended into the realms of shopping for food this week so will have to be inventive with frozen peas, some custard powder and a lump of unidentifiable cheese. Recipe ideas would be appreciated.

Check back tomorrow for useful tips and hints on what to do with small persons during the seemingly endless Easter holidays which are looming (Oh, dear god, repeat prescription for Valium required)

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