Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Tip 4 - And the need for a new washing machine

Tip 4 - Think carefully before committing to collect 6 children from school

Which is obviously something I forgot to do today. Usually it would be no problem, I have a theory that if you have 1 - 2 kids already, having 5 - 6 isn't really any different. However, in this season of springtime exuberance when the kids decide it is timely to exersise their 'I want to kill you!!' tendancies on each other, adding extra friends on both sides of world war three is not a wise move.

Small/Medium hobbits therefore in full battle mode were told not to get wet whilst playing outside on the 'green' which is a small patch of park with a stream running through it. Of course, this is a red rag to a bull and I should be thoroughly chastised for even attempting to bother. Needless to say, hobbits and assorted clan returned soaked through, necessitating yet another change of clothes.

Now I am usually a fairly chilled out mummy, not too worried about a bit of mud and mess, but following on from visit from friendly washing machine repair man when he proclaimed the machine to be beyond ecomonic repair (I do hate these P.C. terms, I would have said screwed personally!), hobbits covered in sludge, dog poo and grass does not fill me with the joys of spring.

Slowly but surely, assorted clan of children have returned to their own homes allowing me to reclaim some of my comfort zone and, as I write, I am waiting for friendly neighbour to pick up small hobbit and his friend for cubs at which point I can breath a sigh of relief and get on with ordering myself a new washing machine.

Meantime, my amazing friend across the road, also known as Wishy Washy, is assisting with necessary occasional baskets of washing in a token gesture effort to avoid poor, deprived children (and hubbie hobbit of course) from having to wear the same pair of pants two days running.

Roll on next tuesday when new machine will arrive and smell in the hobbitt household will dramatically improve!

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