Thursday, 7 May 2009

Tip 10 - And the new nose

Tip 10 - When planning cosmetic surgery, always take hubby with you and have a good glass of wine at lunchtime

Talk about surreal day......

For those of you who don't already know, I am planning to have Rhinoplasty at the end of June. For the uninitiated that would be a 'nose job'! Today, hubby hobbit and I went to visit the surgeon to, as described by hubby's boyish humour, 'pick a nose'.

The surgeon was a lovely fella, albeit Italian so I did struggle to understand when he was talking all fast and technical. However, he had obviously taken his 'blatant truth telling' medicine this morning and I was almost offended, until I remembered that I was actually there to discuss the size and shape of my nose. In alternative circumstances I may well have broken down in tears but I restrained myself today on the basis that it is his job to remind me how hideous it is and how wonderful it will be once he has worked his magic. I would really rather he hadn't had to go into medical technicalities though - think septum grafting, internal stitches and cotton wool packing and you may well be joining me in the naseum.

Anyhoo, operation all fixed. Pre-op medical screening done ('How much alcohol do you drink in a week?' reply 'Ummmmmmm, well I had a glass of white wine at lunchtime, will it show up in my blood tests' - have never quite worked out how truthful one should be in these situations) Weighed, measured and photographed for pre-op posterity.

Cannot wait for the actual op now, just have to get through hideous accounting exams first. Revision aplenty at the moment, VAT still not sticking in the old brainage but I am sure that I can skip or make a fairly educated guess on that subject. The worry is that when you get one sum wrong in the exam it leads disastrous consequence whereby all following questions will begin with the incorrect answer which can't be good. Oh well, just have to cross all fingers, toes and available body parts in the hope that adding up will be successful on the day.

Post exams, post op am looking forward to a summer of new nose joy, introducing the new me to all and sundry. Will have to keep kindly blog public posted as to how many people actually notice the change. Bets are that menfolk won't figure the difference and womenfolk will be too polite to say. Bring on the flattery, that's what I say!!

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